Most Popular Months to Have a Wedding

Yes, booking your VENUE and your CATERER are typically the first two vendors you will book. But how do you decide on what time of year to choose for your wedding date?
What day of the week is best? So many factors to consider!

Factors that are helpful to think about:

  • Type of weather that you prefer
  • Chance of rain
  • Daylight savings lighting
  • Temperature control in venue spaces
  • Shade and direct sunlight
  • Color scheme that you prefer
  • Out of town travelers? A weekend date might be easiest for them

Fall weddings often use darker, warm colors for their color schemes:

The most popular months to get married in during Fall time, are September & October.

Spring weddings often trend towards a lighter color palette:

The most popular months to get married in the Spring time, are May & June.

When it comes to choosing your date, there is no wrong answer!

Every couple has different preferences for different reasons. It can be helpful to have these conversations in advance, so that you both know exactly what you are looking for prior to falling in love with a venue.


  1. Nice tip! I didn’t know at first that every season, there’s also a set of colors that can match you wedding venue


  2. It’s so amazing wedding ideas. Keep posting.


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