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Deciding on the ideal wedding dress can be one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning. Once you choose one, it is such a weight lifted off your shoulders. Until that day happens you may feel this daunting presser to find the absolutely perfect one.

It is a common struggle between the mindset of “This is the one and only, most important dress that I will ever wear in my life” and “I am only going to wear this for a few hours on one day”. It is so important that you decide ahead of time what your attitude towards picking out a wedding dress is, as well as a budget for spending.

As seen in Real Weddings Magazine,

Brides are not told “whatever you want!” often enough.

Sometimes you may have an initial idea of what type of wedding dress that you will buy, and then after actually trying various styles on you will leave the shop with a completely different dress than you expected to! Not only that, but they sometimes may be influenced by other people into a choice that they truly do not love. Yes it is helpful to ask for others opinions, but remember to stay confident and true to yourself. It is nobody’s day but yours. So make sure you feel good about your choice and that it is what you want!

Brides often invite multiple people to join them as they shop for wedding dresses and go to various stores. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Having friends or family members attend with you can add so much positivity to your overall experience! They can provide the honest feedback about how each different style looks on you. As well as just be there to celebrate that moment with you once you find your dream dress! Just keep in mind that you may only want to invite a few people so that there are not too many conflicting opinions. Make sure these are friends/family who will respect your decisions and won’t be negative. If you want it, their opinions can be helpful!

Photo By XSIGHT Photography (Ceremony Dress)

Another fun idea is to purchase multiple dresses. You can do this without breaking the bank too! If you have your heart set on a certain type of wedding dress to walk down the aisle with, but want to be more comfortable or able to dance at your reception, this is a great option for you.

Photo By XSIGHT Photography (Reception Dress)

Do not forget that your dress should be whatever YOU want it to be. If comfort is important, do not give up until you find the fabric and fit you love. If you care more about having a specific style, stay persistent and do not get discouraged if it take multiples appointments to find it!

Stay optimistic and patient.

Here are some amazing Bridal Boutiques in the Sacramento Area:

– Grace & White Bridal
– Miosa
– La Soie Brial
– SPARKLE Bridal Couture
– a&be

One of the best locations locally for bridesmaids dresses is Bella Bridesmaids in Midtown!

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