Daylight Savings Event Hacks

One of the most important aspects of events, though many do not realize it, is the lighting. Thanks to Daylight Savings, there are a few months of the year that are a little more difficult to work with. Lighting has such an impact on not only the appearance of your event, but also the vibe. Whether it is natural light or artificial, it can make such a difference to make it suitable for your desired mood.

Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting can be tricky but also fun! You can really get creative with a few different options to make your vision happen. If weather permits, you can skip renting tents and rely solely on bistro lights strung above your reception. Or any type of event you are throwing.

Photo by: XSIGHT Photography, Sacramento, CA

Then there is always the option to rent tenting for warmth, cover from rain, or even just preference. Adding bistro lights inside is always stunning!

Indoor Lighting:

The 3 best options for adding to lighting indoors are

Uplights. Bistro Lights. Candles.

Any or all of these can work together to give a warm atmosphere at your wedding and add so much to how your photos turn out. Specifically uplights truly transform any room in the best way. Talk to a wedding coordinator at OSM about lighting options today!

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